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Delta Delta Delta Fraternity Strengthens Its Brand Online
Tri Delta
Women in large numbers are fast becoming the heaviest users of the Internet. So Delta Delta Delta knew the Internet was going to be important to its charter as one of the oldest women's fraternities in the United States, founded in 1888.

Being a Tri Delta is a lifelong association and identity. Tri Delta has more than 200,000 members. More than 133,000 members receive its quarterly publication, The Trident, and more than 2,500 members receive its weekly electronic newsletter. With this loyalty in mind, the association had undertaken a branding project more than a year and a half ago and unveiled it at Tri Delta's Fraternity Volunteer Training in June 1999. Ideas for the logo, positioning statement and colors were the result of extensive qualitative research conducted by the Fraternity.

At the end of the branding project Deborah Shotwell, Editor of The Trident, came to a realization: control of the Tri Delta brand and its integrity were even more important on the Internet than any of Tri Delta's other communication programs. On the Web, there was no way to tell who was coming into contact with Tri Delta. Because the interaction on the Internet could be the visitor's first, Tri Delta needed to control the messages and brand identity that were portrayed. "We wanted to build brand awareness about our new look and feel. We needed a better way to reach out to our members on a regular basis. Our quarterly publication and electronic newsletter just were not enough."

"MyPersonal offered us a way to keep our brand identity, with all the benefits of very customized features such as personalized e-mail and Fraternity news," she added. "MyPersonal is very big on branding identity and it was a key factor in Tri Delta's decision to go with MyPersonal."

Since MyPersonal is a hosted solution, from a monetary standpoint it appeared to be a low risk, Deborah explained. "But that could be a double edge sword. We depend so much on our brand that we needed a solution and a company that hold the same high ideals about brand that we do. MyPersonal was the natural choice. MyPersonal has provided us with the right solution and great service."

And so www.deltadeltadelta.org came into existence to reach, serve and engage women and to help fund Fraternity activities through the e-commerce revenue sharing on the site.

The site designed, built and powered by MyPersonal.com, maintained the Tri Delta look and feel. "Our members are going to enjoy coming to the site every day and that means the Tri Delta brand will be reinforced regularly," Deborah said.

"I also like having the one-on-one relationship with MyPersonal. I am not totally technology savvy. There are always some hurdles to get over, and, with MyPersonal, you actually have someone to turn to."

While Tri Delta is a non-profit organization with 120,000 living alumnae in the US, only 14,000 pay dues. "Since more and more people spend time on the Internet, the MyPersonal portal solution will help us gain more member support, so that we can power up one of our most valuable contributions - our philanthropy. Most people, even our members, don't even know Tri Deltas have raised more $10 million for various children's cancer charities since 1974.

"We are a service-based organization and would like to use the MyPersonal portal to recruit volunteers to do more philanthropy. On a national level, our philanthropy too will get exposure through our portal."

MyPersonal is an all encompassing resource, according to Deborah, that helps remind Tri Delta members of the role that the organization played and still plays in their and others' lives.

 Since more and more people spend time on the Internet, the MyPersonal portal solution will help us gain more member support, so that we can power up one of our most valuable contributions - our philanthropy. 
 MyPersonal offered us a way to keep our brand identity.