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Sigma Chi:
Reaching, Engaging and Making a Difference with its Members
Sigma Chi
Cultivating and maintaining the ideals of friendship, justice and learning – those are tall orders, even for the most lucrative business. But for non-profit organizations, it is even more challenging. That is exactly the position Sigma Chi, one of the oldest and most respected fraternity organizations, was in as they searched for a way to extend their rich heritage to the Internet.

Mark Anderson, President and CEO of the Sigma Chi Corporation went in search for a solution to help educate students and the public about the benefits of Sigma Chi membership: friendship, justice and learning. These values are manifest in a 1997 study conducted by The Center For Advanced Social Research, University of Missouri-Columbia. The study found that Greek alumni participate more in community activities, such as civic groups, religious organizations and volunteer groups, than non-Greeks.

"The more engaged and plugged in our members are with Sigma Chi, the more connected they will be with our values," said Anderson. "We have so much to offer but, because of the lack of regular communication, it is a challenge for our members to get involved. We wanted to help our members not only connect with Sigma Chi, but also spread the organization’s ideals through their communities."

On a limited budget, Sigma Chi struggled with how to break through the clutter of the Internet to reach the more than 190,000 members nationwide. Meeting the varied needs of those members, who represent the entire spectrum when it comes to age and interests, was a considerable task for the organization. Direct mailings, a quarterly publication and occasional publicity were effective in reaching some members, but Anderson knew there had to be a better way to spread Sigma Chi’s message and make a connection with all of its members.

"We knew we wanted to enhance our communication with our members," said Anderson. " We also knew that the Internet was growing and that our members, who are highly educated, are more likely to be on the Internet. In lieu of absorbing development and administrative costs internally, we began to research technology partners that could cost-effectively reinforce our ideals of friendship, justice and learning."

After several months of searching for the appropriate solution, Sigma Chi turned to MyPersonal.com, the leading affinity portal provider.

"We chose to partner with MyPersonal because they have relationships with top-tier e-commerce and content partners, allowing our members to access the information they want and need," said Anderson. "We were convinced that MyPersonal was the best choice to satisfy these functionalities. We were looking for a high-class organization to partner with and we found it with MyPersonal."

The portal solution needed to be flexible enough to meet the diverse interests and needs of its members, yet easy to implement and maintain, while preserving Sigma Chi’s image and sense of tradition. Like most organizations, one of the most valuable assets of Sigma Chi is its brand image. Finding an online solution that protected Sigma Chi’s brand was a challenge, however, by working with MyPersonal they were able to create a portal that embodied the ideals and reinforced the look and feel of the brand.

The Sigma Chi portal not only offers all of its members a noninvasive window to the Sigma Chi world on a regular basis, but also provides convenient online services such as Web-based, vanity e-mail, sports headlines from a member’s alma mater, national and international news, customizable stock portfolios, local weather and much more. In addition, a portion of all funds generated through the portal are given to Sigma Chi to help fund ongoing activities. Members can feel good that, by doing the things that they normally do online, they are helping their fraternity. Also, the flexible nature of MyPersonal’s portal enabled Sigma Chi to choose its domain name, decide which features they wanted to offer, and dictate how to portray the fraternity’s colors and crest in a way that matches the image they have built since 1855.

Through technologies, such as MyPersonal’s portal solution, Sigma Chi is confident that they will be able to communicate the good that the organization does – preserving Sigma Chi’s tradition of close to 150 years of friendship, justice and learning.

You can visit the Sigma Chi portal at: http://www.sigmachi.com

 We were looking for a high-class organization to partner with and we found it with MyPersonal. 
 We wanted to help our members not only connect with Sigma Chi, but also spread the organization's ideals through their communities.